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So why did Xpajun Off-Road start producing body lift kits?

The answer, I suppose, starts back with the the second Shogun owned by the proprietor - the one in which he first started trialing. This was a long wheel base and understandably kept getting stuck, rather than give up on the Shogun and get another marque he started looking at how he could improve the Shogun

Well it was pretty obvious that a decent set of mud tyres wouldn't go amiss and so a set of 31" x 10.50 went on and worked a few wonders -

The LWB showing off it's 31" tyres

well for a while anyway. All the while he was looking for a SWB to do some serious modding and then the deciding factor happened, while on the way to Wales for an off-roading trip the engine on the LWB disintegrated leaving no other option other than a replacement truck.

The new SWB

The replacement was this Mk1 SWB, the smaller wheel base being far better for competition off-roading. Within a week of buying, it went on it's first green lane trip and promptly got muddy.

By mid summer an obvious need arose for more clearance under the diffs, the first stage +2" rear leafs, shocks and a front torsion bar

adjustment was quickly undertaken. Then came the lookout to raise it even further, after much reading it looked as though a body lift could be a good option and so a source was looked for and nothing was found - perhaps it would be better to say nothing sensible was found, A Discovery/Range Rover kit at the extortionate price of £400+, bodged jobs using scaffold tube, 40mm cast aluminium kits that tended to crumble with use and importing, which was something of a grey area.

Then came a break through, our proprietor - who has a background in synthetics and engineering - discovered a material, already in use in the industry, which had a strength rating 20 times greater than steel and, even better, managed to source it in the UK in aform suitable for using as body lift spacers. Not being selfish he asked around if anyone else would like the opportunity to buy a set, a total of 4 people said that they were interested and so the funds were
Muddy SWB
And promptly got it muddy
invested in the machinery to produce the kits and advertising them.

And then Xpajun came into being, standing for Xtreme Pajero and Shogun, with the ultimate aim of proving that the range is as good, if not better, than the other well known marques in the competition world. The rest as they say is history but Xpajun are determined, not only to produce 'Xtreme' but in doing so want to keep it affordable by the people that matter -


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