3 inch - Upgrade- Mega Body Lift Kit - Classic L200.

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3 inch Mega Body Lift Kit - Classic L200 - Upgrade*.
This kit contains the extra components you need to raise your L200 by a nominal 3 inches - *This kit does not contain spacer or mounting bolts

Contained in this kit will be:

  • 3" Transfer lever extension
  • Extended brake hoses
  • Extension tubes for water, air and fuel hoses
  • Extension tubes for small vacuum hoses
  • Hose clips
  • Extended flexible clutch hose (not required for automatics - see options)

Raising your body will enable you to fit bigger diameter tyres allowing you more clearance under the vehicle.

The 3 inch kit may require extra modification to your truck. See the FAQs for a full list. However we will stress that this will not be major - general instructions can be found Here and you'll find some FAQs Here.

We are also quite happy to answer questions on the phone, our phone number is +44 (0) 20 3598 2107 (sorry English only)

Brake Hoses

  • Stainless steel braided Teflon™ hose
  • Bonded PVC protective wipe-clean outer sheath
  • Stainless steel CNC machined fittings
  • Standard colour: Carbon
  • Choice of 12 colours with upgrade
  • Enhanced braking
  • FMVSS-106, ADR, LTSA, DOT and TüV approved

Transfer lever extension

Stainless steel
12mm diameter body
0.375 inch UNF thread

Extension Tubes

  • Beaded aluminium for water, air and fuel (19mm tube not beaded)
  • Set hose clips
  • Copper tube for vacuum hoses


Refer to the general fitting page, remove the fan/radiator cowling (if fitted) before lifting.

All variants of the L200 are fitted with super select transfer boxes and will need to have material removed from the body, and on some lifts the centre console, behind the transfer lever. This is due to the super select transfer lever operating through about 90º and the 2 wheel drive position of the lever being at 45º.
The amount of material having to be removed varies on the size of the lift from about 8mm on a 2 inch lift to about 75mm on a 4.5 inch lift.

The mini A bar containing the number plate on the front bumper of the Warrior is bolted to the front of the chassis legs these bolts (4 in number) have to be removed before lifting the body (we can make and supply plates to re-affix the mini A bar)
Some other models may also have struts fixed between the front bumper and chassis - again these should be removed before lifting the body.

Fit and bleed clutch and brake hoses before applying the lift

This kit will fit:

Mitsubishi Triton
Mitsubishi Forte (1978–86)
Mitsubishi L200
Mitsubishi L200 Strakar (1999-present)
Mitsubishi L200 Triton
Mitsubishi Mighty Max (1982–96)
Mitsubishi Storm
Mitsubishi Strada
Mitsubishi Warrior
Mitsubishi Magnum
Mitsubishi Colt
Mitsubishi Sportero
Mitsubishi Rodeo
Mitsubishi Blackhawk
1978 - Present


Please check out our FAQs Here

Vehicle Specific FAQs:

Can I use Pajero bumper relocation plates on my L200?

Apart from the very early models (pre 1991) the bumpers on a L200 are affixed to the body and will raise with the body.

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