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3 inch Hose Extension Kit L200 Classic with Intercooler

A$136.92 A$130.08

This is a set of aluminium hose extensions and hose clips for the L200 Classic with intercooler. They are 5 inches long to accommodate the hose clips Consisting of:
  • 1 off Extra Large Extension for airbox to turbo
  • 3 off Large Extension for turbo to intercooler, intercooler to manifold and fuel hose
  • 1 off Medium Extension for top radiator hose
  • 2 off small Extension for heater matrix (non beaded)
  • 4 off Tiny Extension for vacuum hoses (4" long hose clips not required
  • Set of 14 hose clips (various sizes)
Hose extensions are aluminium tube with a bead on each end with the exception of the small ones (non beaded) and the tiny ones (Cupro Nickel non beaded) Hose clips are of the band type with flat screwdriver slot and hex head to tighten
L200 Classic upto 2006/7
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