3 inch Transfer Lever Extension 0.5 inch

  • Model:TLE-05-3


3 inch Transfer Lever Extension

This polished stainless steel transfer lever extension will extend the transfer lever and manual gear lever by 3 inch - you should not usually need one for an auto shift lever.

This will fit all vehicles with a 0.5 inch UNF thread on their gear/transfer levers (e.g. Range Rover, Discovery)

Stainless steel
0.625 inch diameter body
0.5 inch UNF thread

This will fit:

1989 - 2004 Range Rover
1970 - 2002
Earlier models also used 0.375 inch UNF thread as well as 0.5 inch, please check which diameter you require before ordering

Product Specific FAQs:

Which diameter thread do I need for my...?

Unfortunately we can not give a straight forward answer to this question as Land Rover used both sizes of UNF thread at the same time, only you can say which you need by measuring the diameter of the thread.