1.5 inch Diameter x 5 inch Hose Extension

  • Model:XP-1.5-TB-5


5 inch x 1.5 inch Diameter Hose Extension

At 1.5 inch diameter and 5 inch long these aluminium hose extenders are suitable to extend intercooler and fuel hoses by up to 3 inches allowing 1 inch for the hose clip

The latest addition to our range, these aluminium hose extenders are fully beaded at each end to prevent the hose from blowing off.

Lengthening hoses when doing a body lift can cause a problem, especially when you can't find anywhere that sells them.

Our beaded aluminium extension tubes are just right, complimenting our world famous body lift kits and made to the same exacting standards. All you need to do now is cut your hose (allowing 1 inch for the hose clip) insert the tube and tighten up... Perfect!