2 inch Universal Transfer Lever Extension


2 inch Universal Transfer Lever Extension

This polished stainless steel transfer lever extension has been designed to fit either a 10mm threaded transfer lever or an 8mm threaded one and will extend the transfer lever by 2 inch.

This will fit all vehicles with a 10x1.25 or an 8x1.25mm thread on their gear/transfer levers

See Technical tab for fitting instructions

Stainless steel

12mm diameter body
8mm x 1.25 pitch thread and 10mm x 1.25 pitch thread


Remove transfer lever knob
Check thread by trying extension on the transfer lever:

  • If the extension slides over the lever thread without being screwed, insert threaded sleeve into the transfer lever extension (female end)
  • If the extension screws onto the lever thread, screw sleeve onto the male end of the extension
    • Replace the transfer lever knob - use of a thread locking liquid will hold knob in correct place

This will fit:

Both gear and transfer levers (unless otherwise stated)

*Daihatsu Fourtrack/Rocky/Sportrack/Feroza
All Years

*We have produced this transfer lever extension to fit all Daihatsu models using either 10mm thread or 8mm.

Product Specific FAQs:

Which diameter thread do I need for my...?

Unfortunately we can not give a straight forward answer to this question as Daihatsu seem to use both sizes of thread at the same time, this is the reason that we have produced this universal transfer lever extension.