2 inch Bumper Relocation Plates & Transfer Lever Extension- Paje

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2 inch Bumper Relocation Plates and Transfer lever Extension - Pajero Mk2

This is a set of 4 plates complete with additional fixing bolts to raise the front bumper of a Mk2 pajero by 2 inches and a transfer lever extension.

These, easy to fit, relocation plates come complete with fixing instructions

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  • 2.5mm mild steel plate
  • Captivated nuts to accept existing bolts.


8.8 high tensile steel bolts
NyLoc nuts

Torque settings

All Bolts 50Nm


Refer to the general fitting page, fitting is straight forward and we include fitting instructions
The front of the chassis leg has to be modified slightly to allow the lifted bumper to fit properly

This kit will fit:

1992 - 1999


Please check out our FAQs Here

Product Specific FAQs:

Do you have Bumper Relocation Plates for the rear bumper?
No we don't, on a 2 inch lift the existing rear bumper brackets will still be in contact with the chassis rail, so all that is needed is for extra holes to be drilled in the brackets - we supply instructions with our Bumper Relocation Plates