4 inch Body Lift Kit - D40 Navara - Double Cab.


4 inch Body Lift Kit - Nissan Navara D40 - Double Cab.

All the parts are contained in this kit to raise your truck's body by a nominal 4 inch

Raising your body will enable you to fit bigger diameter tyres allowing you more clearance under the vehicle.

This 4 inch kit may need modification to the various hoses and removal of the fan cowling on the radiator

We are also quite happy to answer questions on the phone, our phone number is +44 (0) 20 3598 2107 (sorry english only)


Polystone™ Grade 500, high density polyethylene:
  • Excellent resistance (no attack) to dilute and concentrated Acids, Alcohols and Bases.
  • Good resistance (minor attack) to Aldehydes, Esters, Aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones and Mineral and Vegetable Oils.
  • Maximum Temperature: 248°F 120°C
  • Minimum Temperature: -148°F -100°C
  • Melting Point: 266°F 130°C
  • Tensile Strength: 4550 psi (31.37 N/mm2)
  • Hardness: SD65
  • Rigid
  • Specific Gravity: 0.95

Bolts & Nuts

8.8 high tensile steel bolts
NyLoc nuts

Torque settings

All Bolts 50Nm


This kit will fit:

Nissan Datsun (Japan)
Nissan Navara
Nissan Hustler
Nissan Camiones (Mexico 1993–2008)
Nissan D21 (China, Chile)
Nissan Big M (Thailand)
Nissan PickUp
Nissan Power Eagle
Nissan King Cab
Nissan Frontier (North America)
Nissan NP300 (Mexico, Europe)
1985 - Present



How much more work will I have to do besides fit the spacers?

On most vehicles either the 1" or the 2" body lift is the easiest to fit. Although not difficult to fit the 3" lift, you should be prepared to do the following:

  • You may either have to \'drop\' the radiator or fit a electric fan
  • the following hoses may have to be lengthened:

  • Heater matrix hoses
  • Fuel tank filler hose
  • PAS cooling pipe to steering box hose
  • top hose on radiator if not dropped
  • The hose to the clutch slave cylinder may have to be lengthened
  • The hose for the brake servo
  • The front brake hoses on some vehicles
  • The earthing bond to the chassis may possibly have to be lengthened or a new bonding point sourced
  • The fuel line pipes from and to the tank are sometimes bolted to the body near the tank this would have to be undone
  • And the bits you shouldn\'t have to move:

  • the tank should be bolted to the chassis (please check as this might not be the case on all trucks)
  • The rear brake hose should run between the axle and chassis
  • The metal brake lines feeding between the body and the chassis usually are coiled and will adjust to the extra height with no problem
  • The steering column has enough auto adjustment to accommodate up to at least the maximum size of kit that we list for that model (unless otherwise stated in the listing)
  • What is the maximum size of lift I can do?

    The maximum size of kit we supply is normally around 4.5", please be aware that some trucks can not be lifted this high without major modification to other parts. Although it is possible to lift the body far more than this it would involve a far more complex mount system being welded onto the chassis - not a standard Saturday morning job.

    Do you supply instructions?

    Yes we do if you request them as most customers find the job is fairly simple to do. General instructions can be found under fitting on this site and is also available as a .pdf file

    How stable is the truck after a body lift?

    Although raising the body does raise the centre of gravity slightly, stability is not greatly affected as the main weighty items - the engine, gearbox and transmission - remain in the same place. However if you add spacers to the wheels to avoid tyre rub on larger diameter tyres it will more than compensate any instability that may be caused by the body lift.

    What do you get in a body lift kit?

    Depending on the kit ordered - the basic body lift kit contains the spacer blocks, new high tensile bolts, NyLoc nuts and any washers needed. We are currently developing a complete kit that will include everything you need to do a complete body lift (i.e. basic kit plus bumper brackets, transfer lever extension, hose extenders, etc.).

    Can I fit this body lift kit as well as a suspension lift?

    Yes it is possible - both mods work together very well.

    What will be the biggest tyre I can fit?

    In theory every inch you lift the body will allow you to fit a tyre 2" bigger in diameter. In practice, however, you may find you need to space the wheel further off the hub - either by using spacers or ideally using a wheel with a larger \'offset\' - in order to avoid tyre rub on extreme articulation.

    Do you make a kit for.......?

    The answer is yes; we do make a kit for your vehicle providing it has a separate chassis and body, if you don\'t see it listed please ask - we do promotional deals on vehicles we have not done before, you may get yours made and fitted for free!

    What are the kits made of?

    The spacer blocks are made from a hard wearing synthetic material which is 20 times stronger than steel. Being synthetic it also has excellent self lubricating qualities and resistance to corrosion. Mount bolts are zinc plated and all bolts are high tensile

    I don\'t see the size I am looking for, Do you make.......?

    Yes, we can make any size up to a maximum of about 4.5" depending on the marque and model of the vehicle (our listings very often shows the largest available without having to resort to major modification of other parts). Prices would be on a pro rata basis.

    Which is the easiest size of kit to fit?

    The easiest kit to fit would be either the 1" or 2" with only the removal of the radiator cowl (if fitted) being necessary

    Are there any disadvantages of this kit over a suspension lift?

    The maximum amount of suspension lift you will be able to get on many Japanese trucks will be 1.5 - 2" due to the independent suspension on the front. This is attained by \'winding up\' the torsion bars that act as the front springs, adding +2" springs or 2" spring spacers to the rear and +2" shocks all around. The Xpajun Body Lift consists of blocks - spacers - that fit on the body mounting points to lift the body off the chassis. Both types of lift raise the look of the car obviously suspension lifts will give a slightly better break-over angle and better approach and departure angles. While lifting the body will not alter the break-over angle in it\'s own right, it may improve the approach and departure angles if they have been limited by body overhangs. However, seeing possibly the main reason for lifting the body is to allow bigger tyres to be fitted then a body lift will allow better approach, departure and break-over angles with bigger wheels/tyres. A body lift is a good, and economical, place to start in lifting your truck whether it be for the looks only or for getting more out of it off-road, so it would be fair to say that there is no real disadvantage to it - much advantage though.

    Would I be able to fit these kits in the street?

    Most of our kits are \'fitted in the street\' by total amateurs using a combination of bottle jacks, ramps, blocks, or trolley jacks in around 2 - 3 hours for a 2" kit and a little longer for a 3" or 4" kit.

    Do I really need to buy the transfer lever extension as well?

    The transfer lever extension extends the transfer lever (this gets shorter as the body is raised). It would be possible to get away without using one but you would end up with a very stubby transfer lever.

    Do I need to extend the gear lever or auto shift lever?

    The auto shift lever is usually attached to the body and will move up with it (the linkage normally accommodates a 4.5" lift). The gear lever on the manual does \'get shorter\' however, although this is not a problem the transfer lever extension will fit and is made of polished stainless steel so will not look out of place.

    What if there is something missing or the bolts are the wrong size in my kit?

    Being human, we sometimes make mistakes, let us know as soon as you discover the problem and we will send you out replacement parts immediately free of charge. If the problem is the wrong size bolts please tell us the model and year of your truck so we can update our records.


    Can you ship to........?

    We ship our kits worldwide - our store is set up to tell you exactly how much it will cost you (our shipping is by weight, not by item)

    How much would it cost to ship the kit to........?

    Full shipping prices can usually be found on the bottom of each item page or as soon as the item is added to the cart. The total shipping price for your order is shown as you add items to your cart. We are not notified of your order until you check out.

    How long will it be before I receive the kit?

    We aim to dispatch all our orders by the next working day. All our UK orders are sent on a 2 day (please note: highlands and islands may be 3 day) delivery and you will be sent a tracking code.

    International deliveries are sent by priority airmail and take on average about 3 days for Europe and 5 - 7 days for the rest of the world, again you will be sent a tracking code which should also work with your local delivery service. We are subjected to a 2kg limit on airmail parcels so most orders will ship in more than one parcel and these may not be delivered on the same day/delivery.

    What happens if my kit doesn\'t turn up?

    On occasion our shipping agent fails us and your order gets lost. Should this happen to your order please contact us using the following time scale:

    UK, allow 3 working days for normal delivery.
    Europe, you should receive your order within 5 days BUT it has been known for a delivery to take up to 20 working days.
    Worldwide, Your delivery should take 5-6 working days BUT has been known to take up to 30 working days especially to isolated addresses.


    How can I pay for the kit?

    We accept card payments via our card processor (your card details will not be stored) You can also PayCash in any one of the 20,000 shops that accept PayPoint and you can also pay by PayPal as well. We can accept both EU and UK bank transfers, and also can accept cash payments into our bank account. We also accept cheques drawn on a UK bank but please remember that your order will not be released until funds have cleared (approximately 5 working days). All monetary transactions on Xpajun Off-Road are conducted on a secure server.

    Can I get a discount?

    At Xpajun Off-Road we aim to keep the prices as low as possible, we don\'t add a couple of zeros on because we think you should be able to afford it (after all you\'re an offroader!!!). You will find, however, that the prices on our site here are about 10% cheaper than on eBay. You\'ll also find that our complete kits are discounted as well.

    Vehicle Specific

    Will these fit the Mk3 face lift Pajero?

    Mitsubishi changed the design of the Pajero range in 2000 from ladder frame chassis and separate body to a monocoque type construction (chassis and body all in one). During the late 90s they updated the Mk2 with a face lift, this design was then carried on after 2000 as the Mk3. Our body lift kits will fit the face lift Pajero up to 1999/2000 but not the Mk3 made after that date.

    I\'ve been told I already have a body lift can I fit this kit as well as, or instead of?

    On the Pajero range many of the vehicles leave the factory with what is known as a \'winter pack\' and one of the thing included is a body lift to allow clearance for snow chains to be fitted. The lift varies between 1" and 2" and is done by repositioning the mount points on the chassis so you will be able to fit this kit as well.

    How can I tell if I already have a body lift?

    Go to the rear wheel arch and look at the chassis behind the wheel. The chassis and body at this point is normally touching (or are within 10mm of touching) if you have a bigger gap than 10mm (e.g. 20mm or 40mm) for example, you can insert one or two fingers between the body and chassis, then you have a body lift. At the front end of the wheel arch is a body mount point consisting of a bracket with a metal cup containing a rubber insert with a steel washer on top. If the steel washer touches the body then you do not have a after-market body lift.

    Do you have a kit for a 2002 Pajero?

    Unfortunately Mitsubishi changed the construction of the Pajero range in 2000 from ladder frame chassis and separate body to a monocoque fabrication - the chassis being part of the body. This means that it is not possible to lift the bodies on Pajeros, Shoguns or Monteros manufactured after this date.

    What is a Mk 1 or Mk 2 Pajero?

    The Mk1 was built between 1983 and 1990 and has a very squarish brick like style. The Mk2 was built between 1990 and 2000 and is more rounded with a less steep angle on the windscreen. Towards the end of the 90s a face lift model was introduced - this had wide stepped wheel arches. In 2000 the face lift became the Mk3 with a monocoque construction.

    Will your lift kit fit my Mitsubishi Delica?

    Unfortunately only the pre 1986 models had separate body and chassis, since then as far as we know at the moment all the models have a monocoque construction (combined chassis and bodyshell).

    Is my Frontera an "A" series or a "B" series, what is the diffence?

    Although the "A" series had a face lift in 1995 there were no major differences to the construction of the Frontera until the "B" series was introduced in 1998 - the main difference for body lifts being a change in the bolting method and the number of mounting points used. We show pictures of both "A" and "B" series long and short wheel base to help you identify your truck.

    Can I fit a bigger lift than 2" on my Fronteria?

    The Fronteria can only accept a 2" lift without a major modification to the steering linkage, this involves cutting, lengthening and welding. If you are competent enough to do this, then the maximum would be a 4" lift.


    I don\'t see my question answered here, can you help me?

    Enter your question in the box here and send - we will answer it as soon as possible.

    Vehicle Specific FAQs: