Under B Pillar Relocation Plates and Spacers 2" Kit


This is a replacement for the 'under B pillar' mount on the B40 which with a certain company's lifting kit gives a persistant knock.
It consists of a relocation plate for the bracket, a new spacer, replacement bolt and nut for both sides.

Fitting is easy, there is no need to re-lift the body, but you will need to expose the head of the bolt by peeling the carpet back slightly, you may need to remove the cill trim on both doors to do this.
Undo the bolt, remove the bolt and aluminium block that was supplied with the other kit, keep the "top hat" this will fit into the centre of the chassis mounting point hole. Undo and take off the bracket (keep the nuts)
Loosely bolt the bracket onto our relocation plate, the bracket on the 2" lift should sit upright with the leg that is attached to our relocation plate pointing downwards.Put our relocation plate (complete with bracket) on the two studs that the bracket was on.
Put our new spacer on top of the "top hat" and put the new bolt down through the spacer and bracket fron inside the cab. You will notice that there is a gap between the new spacer and body - this is correct.
Tighten the nuts on the bracket to relocation plate, then the bolt that goes through the body, spacer and bracket and then the relocation plate nuts.
The gap between body and spacer will close up and the brim of the upside down top hat will sit about 15-20mm (approx) above the chassis mount (it does not and never has tightened against the chassis mount)